judge demo 1988

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judge is just one of those bands that has that mysterious aura around them .
lots of respect for this band and all of its members.


edgemen jackets

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gotta love it toronto.

end to end s/t ep

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its been awhile since my last post .. i just frankly dont have much time to put the same effort into this blog but im gonna try to get you guys a gem once a week starting with this awesome ep

Locals Only! rah – the truth will reveal itself

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RAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

108 spoken word

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ive never seen such a serious band in my life
im a huge fan of 108! ill post some of their music soon if you havent heard them. theres a real undeniable power to the music they play .. every chord , every hit of the snare …i really look up to this band musically .

ten yard fight – hardcore pride

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this is a gem!

youth of today – live in toronto ! august 15th/86

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this picture isnt from the show .. dont get your knickers in a twist.

if you like yot youll enjoy this!
live recordings are always good to hear when you never got to see that band .. esspecially a band like YOUTH OF TODAY.